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When an individual is constantly suffering from evil eye, ill luck, misfortunes, and diverse set-backs in all they engage in, our people would say “Onye nwere Ajo-Chi- an equivalent of a bad a Chi”, when the roles are reversed, our people would say “Onye nwere Chi-Oma- an equivalent of a good Chi”, this made our ancestors to constantly seek diverse ways they would maintain a good and peaceful relationship with their Chi, for people to refer to them and their Chi as “Onye nwere Chi-Oma”. Also, just like the Igbo proverb “Aka ekpuchi onwa”, are there occasions where a person’s Chi could be directly responsible for blocking or hindering an individual’s destiny known as Akala-Uwa? 

The first answer to that is that in our ancestral perception, we believe that one of the direct functions and mandates of the Chi is to predestine an individual’s akalaka or akalawa, set them up by granting them the necessary skills and events that would aid them in the actualization of their cosmic purpose or path. This interpretation shows the Chi as the cosmic force whose direct mission is to see you excel, as your success here on earth would grant it fulfillment before the creator “Okike”, this, therefore, means that your Chi cannot be directly responsible for any slaking, hindering, blocking or derailment you might face on your quest to self-actualization, but there are conditions or situations that can derail you from achieving your destiny or akalala.

The first situation can be directly tied to you as an individual in regards to how you handle or manage your affairs, in terms of how well you abuse, manage, or spot opportunities when they come to you, these are questions that should be asked first before pointing to the spiritual for blames and answers. 

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Secondly, while pointing to the spiritual, our first resolve is not to blame the Chi because its only existence is to see you manifesting your akalauwa, therefore, we look at other aspects we regard as “Mmuo so chi”, which this derailment can be coming from and this begs the question, WHY?

These aspects we regard as “Mmuo so chi” could range from; Agwu to Onye-Uwa, Alusi/mmuo so onye-uwa to Ndi-ichie or Ndi-Mmiri. Each of these aspects or elements has areas where their functions are sharpened or needed, hence, any derailment in intuning with this aspect can cause or inflict stagnation in other aspects of one’s life. It is also important to note that, when we are making mention of this derailment or blocking of destiny “Akalaka”, caused by spirits, we are making specific reference to cosmic forces such as; Agwu whose existence is to amplify an individual’s creative process, therefore, when an individual consciously or unconsciously is on a path that isn’t aligned with his or her Agwu, this would reflect in the derailment or the blocking of the individual’s akalaka as a way of reverting and reconditioning an individual by positioning an individual back to their predestined cosmic path, at the same time the past actions of spiritual being such as “Onye uwa mmadu” can indirectly derail an individual’s path and effort. This is reflected within what Ndi-Igbo refers to as “Karmic Debt- Ugwo onye uwa ji”, the idea here is that until an individual pays the debt or pacifies the negative life actions of his or her previous life, in this current reincarnation, issues or derailment or blockage of destiny can be used by universal forces into pushing an individual to seek redress and seek to solve problems of their past life in other to move forward in this life.

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Generally, the issues of this derailment or blockage of destiny by the Chi is an erroneous assessment but other aspects or elements of the Chi can be responsible and this is primarily due to some sort of a misalignment or universal forces seeking to address and rectify a cosmic wrong, hence, our ancestors formulated procedural principles through rites and rituals that would allow an individual to move forward and achieve their cosmic purpose.

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