Agwu Nka N’Uzu “Creative Energy Of Innovation And Artistry”.

Agwu Nka N’Uzu “Creative Energy Of Innovation And Artistry”.

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Gini Bu Agwu?

Agwu bu Agbara keru akonauche, it is the energy that depicts and transmits the mind and will of the creator “Uche-Chukwu”. Agwu is a cosmic force that derives information from the universal mind and transmits such information to the God-possessed individual “Onye-Agwu Mara”. Agwu within the Igbo ancestral perception is synonymous with creativity, boosted mental acumen, heightened knowledge, etc. It is the cosmic force our ancestors regarded as being in charge of boosting our productivity and the expression of our creativity and intellectual capabilities. Therefore, the Igbo notion of “Onye-Agwu Mara” signifies a divinely gifted individual whose talents are intended to be used to elevate personal existence and communal welfare. These God-bestowed abilities are not only meant for self-improvement but also for the collective enhancement and advancement of the community, this perception is encapsulated within this Igbo aphorism “Ome nka na emeru onwe ya mana okpu uzu na-akpuru obodo”. This particular aphorism also helps us to define the relationship between “Nka na Uzu” and Science & Technology within the Igbo ancestral and modern perception. 

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Aspects Of Agwu:

This Igbo creative energy manifests in THREE major aspects, these aspects are commonly referred to as “Career Paths” in our current reality, these 3 major aspects of Agwu are;

a. Agwu Ahia- Individuals with this form of Agwu are commonly known to be within the economic sector by exchanging goods and services for monetary value. Individuals within this category excel greatly as; traders, businessmen, women, economists, etc. This means that an individual whose Agwu is tied to this expression of value exchange is known as ‘Onye nwere agwu ahia”, the individual would be a top seller in whatever niche or product the individual sells.

b. Agwu Dibia- Individuals who fall within this category are known to be masters of esoteric knowledge because of their connection and capacity to function as emissaries, intercessors, healers, diviners, etc. This particular Agwu has its sub-set and works based on a particular function. These subsets include;

i. Agwu Afa: Dibia within this category would function as diviners and they can use tools such as; Okwe, Ikpikpala/Ugili, etc, as divination tools that are used to channel the dibia’s energy while sniffing into the Akashi records in search of information, answers and solutions.

ii. `Agwu Mkporogwu- Individuals in this category work with the configuration and distilling of herbs and roots for medical purposes.

Other aspects of Agwu Dibia include; Dibia Aja: Dibia within this category are known to perform sacrifices to deities or spiritual forces such as; Ndi-Ogbanje, Ndi-Uke/Ogbonauke/Akalgheli, Ezenwoke na Ezenwaanyi this particular group are known as water intercessors and are tasked with performing water rituals such; Ikpe ire oma, iru oru mmiri, etc.

  • Dibia Okpokpu: They function as physiotherapists in setting disfigured or injured bones.

NB- Whilst we have this indigenous perception that those we refer to as Dibia have this cosmic connection and are regarded as “Okala mmadu, okala mmuo”, we can generally refer to experts or adepts of various fields as Dibia. This is because, in our ancient society, we were utterly dependent on these spiritual forces, hence, they set the pace or the foundations we adopted to make sense of our environment, but with the internet as a global connector/village and recent pieces of information that we have gathered, we can always create a correlation between different career paths and those who are exceptional and experts in these fields, therefore, if our history and epoch of development were left to evolve without eurocentric infusions, those we refer to as “Professors”, would be referred to as “Dibia”, but with these various infusions of eurocentric ideologies, we demonize the dibia without having full information of their capacities and capabilities.

Video explanation on Agwu “Click to check it out”

c. Agwu Nka n’Uzu.

Nka na Uzu, is often mistaken to mean science and technology, but within the Igbo etymology, “Nka” simply means artistry, and individuals that fall within this category are; writers, entertainers, sculptors, fashion designers while “Uzu” falls with the category of innovators hence, blacksmithing, welders, etc, and when we look at this expression within the modern space we have technocrats and technologist, scientist and inventors, computers engineers and developers. 

This perception of Nka n’Uzu has led to its portrayal as “Science & Technology”, therefore, individuals that operate within the structure of innovation and artistry are said to have “Agwu Nka na Uzu” as this energy of creativity and knowledge gives individuals it’s attached to the privilege to use its universal knowledge in the expansion and development of new craft and inventions that are communally beneficial and when this knowledge is executed through decisive actions, in conjunction with Ikenga(Strength), this presents a formidable individual whose talents and crafts are celebrated and the community would be the direct beneficial of these gifts.


Additionally, the Igbo concept of Agwu is an endless topic that deserves to be updated at each given time and century, using what is attainable at that time as a building block to explaining what Agwu means. In my next article, I’ll be discussing, the ancestral method of harnessing this Agwu and why it becomes a problem when an individual neglects his/her Agwu.

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