Redefining The Igbo Concept Of Okeite And Dangers Associated With Its Installation. 

Redefining The Igbo Concept Of Okeite And Dangers Associated With Its Installation. 

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Redefining The Igbo Concept Of Okeite And Dangers Associated With Its Installation aims to explain what this Igbo wealth manifestation mechanism is, how it is configured and the dangers associated with its configuration. The knowledge I’d be sharing is based on a series of interviews & conversations I have previously conducted with Akajiofo Alusi, a Dibia, and a Dibia Nri with a special function of Ikpu Aru.

What is Okeite?

   Okeite is an aspect of Igbo alchemical configuration “Ogwu”, whose direct function is to manifest, attract, and distribute wealth for individuals who participate in the commissioning of its configuration. As an alchemical configuration, Okeite is a mixture of herbs, roots, animal or human parts, alcohol, and a series of other condiments whose metaphysical component can be used for the purpose of wealth attraction.

   Okeite falls under the aspect of Ogwu ndi-Igbo refer to as “Ajo Ogwu or Ogwu Ike”, hence, Ogwu under this category is known to function outside the desired natural process, which the Igbo spiritual and cosmological system “Odinaani” is known for. Therefore, the activities of Okeite and its installation deviate from the dictates of individuals’ “Chi na Ezumezu”, this means, there isn’t any individual who is pre-destined to engage in Okeite activities at any point in his or her life, this, therefore, makes those that engage in Okeite to be in direct contrast with the mandate of their ancestral and familiar forces. For this very reality, the configuration and institution of Okeite by an individual can never be seen through/during the Igbo divination process “Igba Afa”, except through the sentiments of a Dibia, who already uses the installation of Okeite as a means of income.

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Consequences Of Okeite Installation.

     Naturally, Ogwu is classified as an “Artificial Intelligence” because its configuration or institution functions artificially, away from the natural process which manifests as nature has predestined it, thereby functioning based on different sets of commands with tendencies to grow its consciousness, and functioning outside of a stipulated command. Therefore, Ogwu-Ike and other aspects of Ogwu that can fall under the negative and forceful manifestations of realities are dangerously volatile with little or no cosmic restrictions “Ofo na Ogu” that tethers it to an individual’s cosmic root. This makes Okeite and other aspects of Ogwu Ike capable of growing their consciousness and manifesting in ways it was not conditioned or commanded to function or perform, by taking what it is not supposed to take in terms of sacrificial promises.

By growing its consciousness, Okeite can manifest as an Amosu and indirectly becomes responsible for the death and misfortunes within an individual’s immediate and extended family. This growth of consciousness comes as a result of the constant sacrificing which an individual engages in and by channeling a life force to it, Okeite takes on such life force and manifests itself to be self-serving and without it being grounded under Igbo cosmic natural principles, Okeite takes this consciousness and become independent of your wills and command.

As a result of this unnatural configuration and a stray from an individual’s cosmic path, nature would demand restitution in other to enact a balance which could be tied towards realigning an individual or an attempt to right what or who was wronged, therefore, repercussions such as barrenness, child or gender mortality, promiscuity and recalcitrant behaviours on the part of the children, etc would be used to correct this flaw in this life or the next, because our soul is eternal and that means, every accumlated karma whether good or bad would be justified and manifested as long as the soul reincarnates. 

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The series of conversations I’ve had on this subject with people like Dibia Nri, whose specialty is in the cleansing of abominations made me realize that Okeite installations are cosmic thorns that would need to be cleansed now or in the next reincarnation. According to him, people who engage in Okeite are cosmically injecting themselves with thorns and they would eventually need the services of a Dibia Nri n’akpu alu, to cleanse and remove these thorns from them. The same information or resolve was shared by other Akajiofo Alusi whom I interviewed on this subject matter, they asserted that Okeite is a modern-day trap being laid for young men and women which they would come to regret in their older years. They also asserted that the hype surrounding the installations of Okeite as part of the Igbo spiritual system is ludicrous, as Okeite and a series of other Ogwu ike installations and configurations were avoided by our ancestors making them distance themselves from people who engage in it. They also cited the lack of fear amongst young people and cautioned against them involving in things their ancestors ran away from and instead encouraged young people to return to the authentic practices and philosophies that guided our ancestors as a way to reach our cosmic destination, which is not bothered about our human conditions but rather are concerned with the elevation of our consciousness.

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