Ogwu Ego: Wealth Manifesting Mechanism In Igbo Culture.

Ogwu Ego: Wealth Manifesting Mechanism In Igbo Culture.

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Ogwu Ego is defined as an alchemical configuration designed to draw in and materialize wealth. It functions by boosting or attracting profitable business or partnerships, connections, or a large clientele, it also functions as a preventive measure, by avoiding liabilities that would disrupt an individual’s finances or business.

There are several types of configurations “Ogwu” that we classify as ogwu ego and they include; Okeite, nwunye-ite, awelle “either as a soap or in an okuku”, ibobo, and so on. Each of these configurations are specifically done for people who engage in certain businesses and their financial strength. For instance; a businessman who opts for an ogwu such as ibobo is overreaching because this particular ogwu was primarily used as war-time tech, hence its full name “Ibobo Ogu/ ibobo eji anu ogu”, this makes ogwu such as Awelle to be more suitable and mild for a businessman, as its main function is to attract and bring in paying customers into the business or shop.

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Dangers of Ogwu Ego.

As pleasant as it sounds, Ogwu Ego is an offshoot from Odinaani, this means, during divination “Iju Ese Ndu”, Afa would not recommend Ogwu Ego as an action to be taken, when in search of financial liberation, rather, Afa would recommend activities such; Ima chi, ichu aja, imekwa alusi, ikpe ire oma, etc as activities to be carried out, in other to free oneself, from spiritual constraints that prevent financial liberation.

 Ogwu ego, tilts towards our Omenaani “How we do things and things we do for ourselves”, in the sense that, people who engage in ogwu ego are doing so from their own accord and can only seek the permission of their Chi na Ezumezu to engage in Ogwu ego. 

Ogwu ego is also a time bomb when one does not, follow the right procedure or fully understand what is predominant in his/her familiar or ancestral roots. This means, that in every alchemical configuration “Ogwu”, the usage of herbs, roots, and life force “bloodletting” are key determinants of Ogwu Ego as well as things that give it its validity. Therefore, using an item that your Chi sees as sacred or abhors can put you at odds with it. Secondly, we have certain lineages, that prohibit the usage of Ogwu of any kind, hence, involving yourself in Ogwu can put you at odds with your ndi-ichie “ancestors” or Chi.

Thirdly, we have other factors such as; Iyi uwa, which is a cosmic contract that directs the life of an individual into fulfilling their cosmic purpose. In this case, engaging in Ogwu Ego, can misalign an individual and inadvertently distract them from their path to cosmic elevation.

Ogwu ego also has serious consequences when not handled properly and this is because of the volatile nature of Ogwu in general, and this is because Ogwu does not function under the principle of Ofo na Ogu, and can grow its consciousness, to act on its own will by taking more than it was promised, this turns an individual into an “Amosu”, without their awareness or permission. Ogwu ego also destroys the future generation, not just by breeding a system of irresponsibility and utter dependence on spiritual forces instead of the usage of their natural senses and mental acumen in terms of hard work, creativity, and accountability.  Spiritually, ogwu ego can also take what belongs to the next generation and lavish it on irrelevance “Someone who doesnt know what to do with such wealth”.

Again, ogwu ego can be a source of miscarriage, child/gender mortality, and barrenness, especially, in families where the father used human parts and offals for ogwu ego. Ogwu ego also breeds a false sense of arrival, it gives you an illusion of success that is not built on solid foundations and can easily take those resources as it brings them, eventually destroying the life of the individual and those around him or her. 

This book gave a detailed explanation to the concept to Ogwu

Finally, as an Igbo cultural researcher, I’m privileged to see, engage and observe people who either instituted these kinds of ogwu and the Dibia who perform these kinds of rituals and one thing is certain, 80% of these Dibia who perform these rituals, would not do it for their children or someone close to them, and if it must be done, it would be done with the uttermost care, which would involve countless spiritual consultations and periodic consultation, in other to know when the Ogwu is acting adversely instead of performing the function its meant to do. At the same time, we have individuals who would swear by these Ogwu ego, with claims that they do not have any negative repercussions on them or those around them, but that doesn’t exclude a thousand others with regrets on why they engaged in Ogwu ego, nonetheless, we need to reconcile with this proverb “Ofu nne na amu mana ofu chi anaghi eke”. 

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Traditionally, the safest way to live and lead a wholesome life is through the alignment of you and your ezumezu “the totality of your spiritual forces” and hard work. This is because, your ezumezu functions on the principle of  “Ofo na Ogu”, which means they hold themselves accountable during decision-making, and they are dedicated in making your time here as pleasant as possible, by not forcefully enforcing the universal will or law of money for you, rather, through inspiration and self-development, they can enable you to reach your financial destination and this process is not fast, its slow and steady.


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