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Have you heard of this word, either as a concept in Igbo spirituality or as a day-to-day word in Igbo language?

     The context in which the word “Akalogheli” is used “NdiAkalogheli”, makes an inferred statement of “Plurality”, thereby connoting a collection of entity spirits used by cosmic or universal entities to exert punishment, in order to enforce socially acceptable behavior. 

For Instance;  “Agwu ima mmadu”.

   Agwu in Igbo Spirituality is perceived  “As a force of Creativity”, which means, it possesses the capability to generate new ideas, concepts, or expressions, often leading to innovation, originality, and imaginative outputs. Hence, when this creative force is made manifest in the life of an individual, it drives the individual into the manifestations of these innate abilities, therefore, when this concept of  “Agwu ima mmadu”, becomes the cosmic oath or akalauwa “Destiny” of an individual, the ability to choose and disregard this force no longer becomes a choice and its neglect results to the usage of Akalogheli as a tool to exert punishment, in order to enforce this cosmic will. At the same time, other scenarios such as; Itikpo mmuo (the destruction of ancestral shrines), igbakota mmuo azu (the rejection of ancestral or cosmic calls), etc, provide justification for offended spirits to seek retribution using spirits such as Akalogheli, to correct, appease and realign with them. 

 Personally, I believe Akaogheli was also perceived as a tool for social and behavioral control. This means, the free will to act and live as one chooses, is dampened, weakened, or controlled by the fear of being afflicted by this negative force “Akalogheli”, therefore, to prevent being at odds with Akalogheli, the need for behavioral adjustments/change was considered amongst indigenous. Hence, social vices such as; promiscuity, womanizing, theft, murder, etc, were curbed with this tool as psychological warfare.   

The Manifestation Of Akalogheli-

     Akalogheli is perceived, as a set of spirits that are capable of causing and inflicting misery and misfortunes on an individual (Ibutere mmadu Nseke). We believe that these spirits, malevolently deviate an individual’s success “Ihe Oma na abiara mmadu”, clouding it with setbacks by stifling one’s income and other creative endeavors. Akalogheli is known to riddle an individual with issues, situations, or circumstances, that would crumble an individual’s business, hence, persuading an individual into engaging in socially unacceptable behaviors, such as promiscuity, drunkenness, womanizing, etc. Akalogheli can also manifest as a family/generational curse. This means, almost all members of a family would have a shared experience, of misfortunes and setbacks, It can also stir unnecessary disputes among siblings, children, and parents, mostly to separate them from coming together to achieve a common purpose and get the help they need. Akalogheli is also known to cause/inflict problems that are bigger than your means and resources can solve and this would be regularly experienced by an individual. Akalogheli also encourages, incites, or heightens people’s hatred towards you, hence, prompting them to avoid you and no one would have the zeal to engage you in any serious profitable dealings “ Ụchụ ọgbụgba!”.

Mode Of Transmission & Solution:

   Akalogheli can be transmitted based on the company you keep and the environment you constantly visit, such as; bars, clubs, and funerals. The best strategy to defeat “Akalogheli” lies in your ability to first and foremost find the source or cause of this energy. Afterwhich, Ogwu Akalogheli “evil spirit deterrent” or Aja Akalogheli, is performed to ward off or curb the activities of this negative spirit. To investigate the source and cause of Akalogheli, Ndi-Igbo use Divination “Igba Afa”, and by examining your life and making an adjustment to it, but irrespective of the cause or source of Akalogheli, it does not launch an attack for no good reason. These spirits exist, simply to execute the principle of “ọ kpalụ nkụ ahụhụ sịrị were bịara ya ọrụ.” So to get rid of Akalogheli, one must begin to make various changes and amends, settling debts contracted and once this is done the victim becomes free to experience life again.

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