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Science and history books have given us information on the various “Stages of human evolution” starting from the “Stone Age” all the way to the “Renaissance and Industrial Age”. This widely accepted stage of human development does not take note of the Igbo Stages of Evolution which in fact was more or less a spiritual evolution. Each of these stages were tied to the first ancestors, known as “Ndi-Mbu”. Therefore, against the popular theory of the evolution of “Ape to Man”, Ndi- Mbu, were regarded as “Humanoids” whose travel was done using “UFO” or “UGBO”.

The Igbo stages of evolution is known as “Uga”, which is similarity known as; Epoch, Age or Stages of human evolution. Each of these time periods produced a certain kind of individual who has a certain personality or characteristics that was necessary for their survival, these Cosmic Ages are;

A. Uga Aka- This is known as the “Age of Oneness’ with the divine. Individuals at this age did not experience death and neither were they concerned with our 3-dimensional perception of reality or attachments. We call ancestors of this age “Ndi-Mbu ”, they are known to be incorruptible and spoke the language of “Afa”, a long and forgotten language that is preserved by the “Dibia-Afa”. At this age, Ndi-Mbu were able to relate with the creator without rituals or rites and lacked the ability to die.

B. Uga Chi- This is the “Age of Self-Awareness”, it marks the beginning of self-awareness and culture, and at its beginning came the awareness of living. Ancestors at this age began to see themselves as something or beings separate from nature. They came to the realization that the trees, animals, etc were different from them and this difference also occurred even within themselves. In this era each person was given their own Chi and separate destinies and as they progressed the first tragedy occurred, they began to sleep and refused to wake up. At this point, their connection with Chukwu began to fade. Ancestors that existed at this age are known as “Ndi-Egede- Those that existed after the arrival of death”. Ekili or Ikwu Ekili was developed at this time to substitute for the lost connection we had with Chukwu, in terms of astral travels in order to gain cosmic knowledge. One of the pinnacle of this Era was the construction and configuration of Arushi/Arusi-Location, device and object used for connecting to an Agbara or forces beyond humanity. They configured Arushi as cosmic channels used in learning how to survive on their own and live in alignment with the divine as well as each other. Hence, they were instituted to perform certain functions for their betterment and that of their community. They as well began to offer sacrifices as a method of sending messages to the realm of Chukwu, the realm which they came from. Therefore, blood becomes a conduit for universal communication and also a way to reward good forces through which good fortunes came. Though, through experiments, they realized a new way of life and the institution of Iwu Ala/Iwu Ani also came about in this Age.

C. Uga Anwu- This is known as the “Age of the Rising Sun” or the Age of genius. It is the age of using the mastery of self or ingenious feats and applying those universal laws for the advancement of the human race. In this age, individuals become adept, experts in their individual fields. Unlike Uga Aka and Uga Chi which were engulfed by darkness, Uga Anwu was characterized by “Light”, symbolically. This age represents the rise of the sun and with everything that comes with it, Chukwu began to speak through individuals. This age was also characterized by self-interest and war, and society became male-dominated. So seeing what the future holds, the enlightened ones choose to die with the knowledge they have, because they foresaw an age of wickedness, deceit, and an age where humans were no longer one with nature, hence, the age of exploitation.

D. Uga Azi- This age is characterized as the “Age of Wickedness” or backwardness, humans at this age have sadly lost their connection with the natural law/order and as a consequence lost a great deal of their wisdom. Thereby inadvertently using their ability and what was preserved for the destruction of Ala and Igwe the sky and as well one another. In this age, people no longer have the ability to see mmuo or to see the soul of one another. The reason why this is important is that we are made up of “Mmadu na Mmuo”-Person and essence or self and spirit. In Uga Azi, the average person no longer has the ability to see “Mmuo” which is the elemental self necessary to understanding the whole of a person and this began the fixation of the physical body. Therefore, as Uga-Azi emerges we lose this connection and the ability to communicate with other elemental forces within the universe, other than ourselves, and everywhere. Ancestors within this age are known as “Children of Azi” and as they appear the natural balance of nature reduces.

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