Afa na Dibia Afa In Igbo Spirituality and Cosmology.

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In ancient Igbo society Igba Afa was an integral aspect of our reality. Igba Afa as we call it was also regarded as “Iju Ese Na Be Chukwu” because of the interconnectedness of Agwu to the creator making it possible for one to be able to seek information from the universal mind “Uche-Chukwu” and be able to use these information and the preferred solution into solving a problem.

  • Conditions that prompt Igba-Afa.
  1. When you are in an utter state of confusion.
  2. When something strange or unexpected happens to you. 
  3. When you need a direction in making important decisions but quite indecisive about it.
  • Kedu onye bu Dibia Afa- In Igbo cosmological and spiritual system different aspects of our spirituality is handled by certain individuals who have being spiritually fortified, prepared and inherently pre-determined to handle such position. For instance- the various aspects of the Dibiaship is handled by individuals whose Agwu is specifically tied to the expression of such office.

 These aspects of Dibiahood include-

  • Ezenwoke na Ezenwaanyi: This group handles affairs that are water related. For instance; Oru ndi-mmiri, Oru otu, Ikwa ikpe oma
  • Akajiofo Alusi: These group are the direct intermediaries between supplicants and deities ..
  • Dibia Aja: These group capitalizes in the offering of sacrifices. They are in constant communication with these mmuo and can easily prepare sacrifices that wont be rejected and mostly they act under the instructions of the dibia Afa.

The various aspects of the dibiahood are equally as important as the next and their jobs shouldnt be underestimated. Nonetheless, the Dibia Afa is known as the diviner is one who peeps into the universal mind and draws out informations that is being sought after by an individual. They use divination tools such as; Afa Ita, Afa Ugili, Afa Okwe and different tools that has being revealed to them.

The Dibia Afa uses a different kind of language while divining and we call it “Onu Afa” which is considered the oldest form of Igbo Language. While using the Afa tools which gives the Dibia Afa direction, it computes and such computation present a set of information that is transcribed by Dibia Afa. The simplest form of understanding this translation begins with the understanding that Afa strings are made of 16 nodes, 4 seeds in one strings and a total of 4 strings. Each computation gives a dances of light and dark “Akwu/Obi”, giving birth to all other forms of messages that can be analyzed and solution proffered based on the Igbo spiritual principles.


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